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Dr Leslie McFall

Dr McFall died in November 2015. Some of the articles he was still researching and writing at the time of his death have been added in the section ‘Posthumous Update’ on this website. These articles are in draft form but may be of interest and use.

BIOGRAPHY: Lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament before becoming a full-time researcher in Biblical Studies. Former Research Fellow at Tyndale House Library (Cambridge, England)

MAIN INTERESTS: Old and New Testament chronology (incl. LXX);  chronology of Jesus’ ministry;  new approach to a Harmony of the four Gospels;  the Majority (Byzantine) Text as the Autograph Text of the New Testament;  divorce;  headship;  and solving apparent contradictions in the Bible where they are a stumbling block to faith in the trustworthiness of Scripture.

The bottom line of all my research and teaching is to restore faith in the WORD OF GOD as a means to restoring faith in the GOD OF THE WORD

To those WITH faith no evidence is necessary; To those WITHOUT faith no evidence is sufficient.

Not all scholars have faith (2 Thess 3:2 cf. Rom 12:3) and a little leaven of unbelief will produce very different results.

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15 responses to “General Information”

  1. David Harkins says :

    I am a 77 yr. old ordained minister with Church of GOD, Cleveland, TN. Raised in Church of God Orphanage. I live with a broken heart of how far our denomination has gone away from true biblical holiness. Especially on the matter of “divorce and remarriage”. Your ministry truly is a God-send to christianity.

    • Leonard Leslie says :

      My name is Leonard Leslie, i’m 41, i live near paducah ky, i lived in nashville for 25 years. i lived in adultery for my whole life up till 2011 when i was convicted that something was wrong with Mathew 19:9. it just didnt agree with what the Lord was teaching and the other gospels itself, and also what Paul was saying. when i found Dr. McFalls research on this it all weighed heavy on the evidence that we were all living a lie. nearly all churches i know of believe in this man made lie. because of the love of the truth and the work of the Holy Spirit through Dr McFall i believe for the first time in my life i am right with the Lord in regard to “divorce and remarriage”. i am single now Mr Harkins and i had always been afraid to be alone all my life but now its not so bad. isnt that strange, i dont feel alone anymore, even though i am very much so in the flesh, (when it comes to earthly needs and women). i must say i need to tell you that you are not alone i feel. i believe the Body of Christ is scattered across the whole world and it is a spiritual marriage with the ones already with the Lord and the ones that have yet to be born and predestined to be united. i have been looking a while for the elders of the church that i could follow in Christ but have not found many or any actually. I really need someone like you to commune with. The Real Deal. time is short and we dont have long i believe until its time for the anti-Christ to be revealed. i have found that Gods chosen are all on the same page even though we have never met. isnt that strange? i have a feeling its not all that strange to you… i have many questions i think you could really fill me in on. i need an elder. will you help me with some things.

      brother with love in Christ
      Leonard Leslie

  2. David Labril says :

    Thank you for your statement “To date there is not a single, extant Greek manuscript that contains the word eij in its main text at Matthew 19:9. Its only appearance to date is in the margin of Codex Leicestrensis.” The eij has been translated as ‘except’, and has been used to justify an allegedly lawful remarriage for a husband upon the adulterous fornication of his wife; when it is not a lawful remarriage. Dave Labril

  3. Kenneth S. Guderjahn says :

    I am sorry for the death of Dr. Leslie McFall. I finished listening to a sermon on divorce by David Pawson on YouTube, and he mention Dr. Leslie McFall research on divorce.
    The first article i read was the four truths on divorce and i agree with it. I do have a question, my brother does have a master in Biblical Study and when ever i point out that Jesus mean this or we are taking it the wrong way. He is quick to throw the Master degree at me, So,I would like to know where I could find other resources on the “exception cause” (not). Thank you.

    • John Wainwright says :

      I’ve been a fervent follower of Jesus Christ for 35 years, and just recently while researching the merits, or otherwise, of some of the modern Bible translations and, incidentally looking into the Authorised Version ‘Ruckmanites’, I discovered Doctor Leslie’s ‘Divorce and Remarriage. What a shock I had on discovering that the woman, whom I had been ‘married’ to for 34 years, still belonged to her first husband! I have just begun the process of repentance, by separating and seeking a divorce. The fall-out is, as one can imagine, grim, but at least now, at the ripe old age of 70, I will have, God willing, some years left to put this truth out to as many church’s as I can. As a point of interest, I could never explain why I had become an asthmatic days/weeks after the ‘marriage’ ceremony; but I believe I do now. Adultery is a curse and Deuteronomy 28 from verse 15 onwards makes chilling reading!!
      I pray that many others, like me, will receive Dr McFall’s light and flee from the curse of adultery, which pollutes the church.

      John Wainwright

      Derbyshire, UK

    • tdsparks77 says :

      Hello Kenneth, I too have been greatly influenced by Dr. McFall’s research. He was very gracious in his recommendations of my brief articles that I would submit for his consideration. As you will see I reference Dr. McFall’s work in addressing “the exception clause”:

  4. Stephen Wilcox says :

    I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of so great a man in the circles of the theology of the permanence of marriage. One day I will see Him in a better place that this. Stephen Wilcox

  5. Leonard Leslie says :

    I am sad to lose Dr. McFall, he gave me great strength in keeping the faith and the will to obey our Lord. I know he is with the Lord now and i know that it is better to be with him. Thank you so much Dr. McFall, i will do all i can to spread the truth that you championed for our Lord.
    Love, Leonard Leslie

  6. Ken Worrell says :

    Deeply sadly to hear the death of Dr McFall. In the past I communicated with him thru emails. He was very gracious in his response to me. He has exposed one of the worst heresies in church history about marriage and divorce. May God raise up more scholars like him who will stand true to God’s word.

  7. Samson Parekh says :

    Dr. McFall taught me Hebrew grammer at Union Biblical Seminary in India in early 1980s. He appreciated my hard work by gifting me his book “Enigma of the Hebrew Verbal System.” I vividly remember him, all his expert teaching and his cheerful nature. I am very deeply saddned by his passing away. So sad!! But his legacy lives on.

    Samson Parekh
    Dallas, Texas

  8. Vincent Chia says :

    Only the Lord knows the extent of the contribution this dear brother had made to the scholarly community. His work on divorce and remarriage, and on the permanency of marriage, ought to be read by every man who loves the Lord and His Word. His death is a great loss to the Church Militant, and I look forward to meeting him on the other side of eternity. Meanwhile, I will strive to teach the biblical doctrine of D&R in my Word ministry wherever the Lord leads.

    • Ken Worrell says :

      Fully agree Vincent. I am also very grateful for
      Dr. McFall’s work on Biblical marriage. It is extremely rare to find pastors or Christians to follow what Christ said on marriage and divorced.

  9. Denise Barker says :

    I was teaching the Beatitudes and knew that something wasn’t right with Matthew 5:31, so I began to pray, the Lord answered my prayer by leading me to Dr McFall’s study on Remarriage and divorce, what a right word in season. I contacted him immediately, and he became someone who I would email when I had a question or just to say thank you to him. I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing. Christianity has lost a true champion. I am going to miss him. Thank you Dr McFall for ever word you have written.

    • Ken Worrell says :

      Your words are very true Denise. I continue to study Dr McFall’s work and how it lines up completely with God’s word. He was definitely a God sent to tell us the truth on this topic of marriage.

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