Posthumous Update

The Significance of Split Text-Types for the Recovery of The Original Text of the Greek New Testament

The Chronology of Jesus “About 30 Years of Age” (Luke 3:23)

Does the Textus Receptus still have a future? 500th Anniversary

Jesus Created Many Ages (Heb 1:1)

Analyses of Inconsistencies between Texts

A List of Spelling Differences between Koine and Egyptian Greek Verbs

The Egyptian and Byzantine spelling of the verb ‘take’ in Classical Greek Literature, The Septuagent and The New Testament

Analysis of Prepositions in Majority Text and Nestle-Aland Text

Examination of alpha-lambda-lambda in Majority Text and Nestle-Aland Text

Evolution of Codex Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus in relation to an underlying Universal Text

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