Unpublished Articles

(1) Hebrew Kings Revised Chronology (Revised August 2008.)

(2) Critique of David Rohl’s Chronology

(3) Chronology of the Book of Jubilees

(4) Critique of Tim Warner  (Discusses use of Genesis 5 & 11 for chronological purposes)

(5) Summary of Parker & Dubberstein’s book (Dates of kings of Babylon, Persia, and Greece)

(6) Chronology of Tobit


(1) Biblical Teaching on Divorce and Remarriage – L. McFall (587pp. e-book)

(2) Summary of David Instone-Bewer’s View on Divorce

(3) Major Critique of David Instone-Brewer on Divorce

(4) Critique of David Instone-Brewer The Jesus Scandals

(5) Critique of H. Van Dyke Parunak

(6) Critique of David Pawson

(7) Critique of A. Garrett’s article on Divorce

(8) The Four Truths on Divorce

(9) Critique of Stephen Gola on Divorce

(10) Critique of the Betrothal solution

(11) Clement of Alexandria on Divorce

(12) Critique of Josiahs Scott on divorce


(1) Textual Index to the Gospel of John: Reference (A comparison between the Nestle-Aland 28th edition and the Majority Text)

(2) Textual Index to the Gospel of John: Alphabetical (A comparison between the Nestle-Aland 28th edition and the Majority Text)

(3) Textual Index to the Gospel of John: Word Format (A comparison between the Nestle-Aland 28th edition and the Majority Text)

(4) Textual Index to the Gospel of John Chapters 1-7 (A comparison between the Nestle-Aland 28th edition and the Majority Text)


(1) Critique of Ernst Lucas on Theistic Evolution

(2) Theistic Evolution – A Tale of Two Journeys

(3) Critique of Denis Alexander’s book, Creation or Evolution  – 100+ page critique

(4) Critique of Denis Alexander’s book, Creation or Evolution  – 7-page brief summary.

(5) Critique of John Walton’s book on Theistic Evolution

(6) Critique of Richard Dawkins of Evolution


(1) Pre-20th Century Commentaries A brief list of the best of the old commentators

(2) Critique of the English Standard Version (2001)

(3) Proverbs For The Wise

3 responses to “Unpublished Articles”

  1. Dan Peters says :

    I read Thiele 15 years ago and was so delighted with the work up until Hezekiah’s day; I spent all thanksgiving reading the work. Yet nobody seemed to notice that he went contrary to his own principles, at least no one I talked to in my circles. So many of the charts I see are based upon his work. Back in 2007 I did a study on Isaiah and came across your work on the kings. I was more delighted than ever knowing that someone had “caught” the error of Thiele. I can’t not tell you how much I have appreciated your investment of time in this chronology. It was truly refreshing. I hope you will continue to have this website available for years to come.
    Dan Peters
    Rockford, IL

  2. Jon Krys says :

    Excellent work on Divorce and Remarriage while representing the Minority View. Please keep this website posted!
    Jon Krys
    Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

  3. Anthony Garrett says :

    I knew Leslie McFall personally and am sorry to learn, more than two years after the event, that he has died. His work on reconciling the Matthean and Lukean genealogies of Christ, on Old Testament timing, and on the family tree of New Testament manuscripts, were inspirational. I claim no competence to judge their correctness but he always made good sense to me. We also shared a love of cricket!

    I would, however, ask anybody reading his critique of my exegesis of Deuteronomy 24:1-4 above to read my paper for themselves. I did not find it easy to recognise from Leslie’s summary of it, and his suggestions as to my motivation are not accurate. My concern remains for a young man in ancient israel, a committed believer in YHWH of good standing, who enters into an arranged marriage but discovers within days that his wife, a virgin before their wedding night, is a sexual pervert. There is no way that anybody could have known this information ahead of the first days of the marriage. I believe the young man is entitled to revert, and I argue the case. YHWH is fair and so is Christ.

    A man who takes back a new washing machine with the complaint, “It broke when I first used it” cannot be countered with the salesman’s reply, “We are not taking it back, because it is no longer new now that you have used it.” The same principle applies in the case to which I refer.

    Leslie and I agreed on so much – no remarriage after divorce during the life of the ‘ex’ – but I do not believe that the marriage is sealed quite as quickly as he did. Leslie pointed out my lack of expertise in Hebrew, but I ran the essay past a personal friend who is a native Hebrew speaker before submitting it to Jewish Bible Quarterly (which is published from Jerusalem), whom I acknowledged, and I believe JBQ’s referees are more competent than either of us.

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